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What is there to do around Riverview Ranch and Resort?

Riverview Ranch and Resort is a unique place to work or relax, and an enchanting place to explore.

We are nearby everything Galena has to offer

The city center of Galena is a 10 minute drive away. Click here for other area attractions and events.

2020 Galena Visitor's Guide. - See pages 38-40 for a list of the many amazing restaurants in the area.

Right next door is exquisite dining at the Goldmoor Inn.

A mile down the road is fantastic skiing at Chestnut Mountain ski resort.

A five minute drive away is Horshoe Mound Preserve where you can take a challenging half-mile hike on Horshoe Loop Trail.

Also a five minute drive to Thunderbay Waterfall.

Right out the front gate of our resort is a great place for walking, jogging, bird watching and sight-seeing. Take a walk down the road along the Mississippi river. Pick wildflowers, mulberries and raspberries along the way.

0.7 miles away is Winston Tunnel State Natural Area. This is 230 acres of trails. There are dates that this is only available to licensed hunters. More info: Hunter fact sheet, DNR Map, Satellite Map, Park sign, Dates and Limits Info.

About 4 miles away is Witkowsky State Fish Wildlife Area. This is 1,086 acres of trails and wilderness, filled with wildlife.

1.6 miles north is the Aiken Trailhead entrance to the Galena River Trail. Turn right out of our driveway and follow River Road. Cross the railroad tracks twice and cross a bridge then look for the entrance to the trail on the left. This trail goes all the way to Galena along the Mississippi river and along the Galena river, and goes past Galena to Bueler Preserve.
Galena River Trail Map
Another Galena River Trail Map.
Galena River Trail Info

Hanover Bluff State Natural Area

Two miles away is Casper Bluff Land and Water Reserve.

There is a motor boat launch at Blanding Landing a 15 minute drive away. Bring your motor boat or jet skis.

Schurmeier Teaching Forest - Horses Welcome

Tapley Woods Hunting.

List of Public Hunting Lands

More Hunting location info

Here is a DNR map showing nature preserves, wildlife areas etc: Map of DNR sites

We are in the heart of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge.

The Raptor Resource Project has some cool webcams always live so you can see the Eagles and other birds live in their nests or landing sites in the Wildlife and Fish Refuge.

See and hear the many different species of birds. There are Deer, turkey, Bald Eagles, racoon, opossum and other critters commonly cross the roads so please slow down and watch for them. In the fall the Geese form majestic chevrons above your head on their journey south, stopping in the river for a while before continuing their journey south. In the spring you'll hear their honking again as they make their way upriver and spend more time here. There is an eagles nest that can be seen in fall and winter through the bare branches of trees. In summer you can see the nest from a kayak or by trudging through thick underbrush. It is easier to see in fall/winter when the trees are bare. Map showing approx. location of Eagle's nest.

A new bird sanctuary: Valley of Eden Bird Sanctuary

Private Airport six miles away: 3IS4 - Merkle Airport 2,900 ft runway. Fly in and I'll pick you up.

Galena Horses-Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

We offer limited horseback riding. We offer visiting kids the experience of horseback riding while parents pet the horses and take photos. We also offer riding lessons for kids who want to ride often and live nearby.

We do not offer trail rides for beginners.



There is a pier less than a mile south and a sandy beach less than a mile north for kayak launching. Click Here for a map of the kayak area and launch site.


There are wonderful trails nearby where you can ride on flat or hilly terrain.

Horse Activity, Boating, and Bicycling Liability Release Form

Campfire Jam

When the weather is good we like to enjoy time outside socially distanced around a crackling fire, watching for shooting stars, listening to the sounds of nature, singing songs and telling stories.

We invite guests to join us for campfire jams to take turns telling stories, playing and singing songs. Bring your instruments or borrow ours.

Cook on the propane grill or over the campfire. We have sticks to roast hot dogs and marshmallows. Please ask Roger to assist with fire pit. We won't allow fires if it is windy.

Galena Horses-vacation rental

Watch out for "Harry the Hairy Ape." He is still out there somewhere. I'll tell you all about him at a campfire jam, if you dare to ask. Occassionally, we see the ghost train come by while we are telling spooky stories around the campfire.