Riverview Ranch & Resort

Galena Horses-vacation rental

Get to Know our Horses: Easy, Slow, and Safe Beginner Rides.

We Do Not Provide Trail Rides on Horseback

Beginner Rides are $50 for 30 minutes. Signed liability waiver required for all equine activities.

We do not accept Credit Cards. We accept Cash, Check, Zelle payments, or buy a horseback riding lesson ticket on TripAdvisor.com.
Please coordinate a time before buying a ticket on Tripadvisor - text or call Roger at 608-331-0000.

We may lease or sell a horse to someone who takes lessons and will take care of the horse. Inquire for details.

Please do not feed fingers to the horses. Wear sturdy shoes when near a horse. Wear long pants and a helmet when riding a horse. We have helmets.

Hang Out with Our Horses

Galena Horses-vacation rental

Let us know what you are looking for and we'll try to accommodate on a case by case basis.

Birthday party for several kids? No problem. Wedding photos of Bride and Groom on horseback? Can Do.
Need lots of cool photos of your kids for the scrapbook? Come on down.
Really fast beginner rides? Sorry, beginner rides are slow and controlled.
Lessons for kids or adults? Yes.

Galena Horses-vacation rental

Our facility can house up to 36 horses. Currently we have seven horses.

Galena Horses-vacation rental

Some people like to take photos with our horses. If you would like photos with the horses please coordinate with us. We may charge for our time in arranging or taking photos.

Galena Horses-vacation rental

Meet Our other Animals

We have three friendly dogs that run loose most of the time. A German Shepard named Bessie, a Mini-Dachschund named Nala, and a Yorkie named Pepper. If you are afraid of dogs please let me know before you come and I'll keep Bessie on a leash when you arrive. All the dogs are very friendly, but Bessie can be intimidating to people who are afraid of dogs.

We also have two chickens and two guinnea pigs.

Meet Our Herd of Horses

Galena Horses-vacation rental

Valiant Star - Friesian/Quarter Horse sport horse. Valiant is a big sweetheart. Mare Dam (Mother): Sisi, Sire (Father): Von Faust
Galena Horses-vacation rental

Star Skipper (Starsky) - Quarter Horse gelding with blue eyes. Gelding. Dam (Mother): Sisi, Sire (Father): Sir Buck n Skip

Galena Horses-vacation rental

Rosalie (Rosie) - Jumper. Throoughbred/American Saddlebred sport horse. Mare. Dam (Mother): Aiyana, Sire (Father): Movin to the Music

Galena Horses-vacation rental

Aiyana - American Saddle Bred. Smooth riding gaited mare. Boss of the Herd.

Galena Horses-vacation rental

Aiyasha - American Saddlebred / Akal Teke mix. Sweet and Beautiful. Loves to jump. His coat glistens in the sun. Gelding. Dam (Mother): Aiyana, Sire: Pascha (Nez Perce Dreamer) Inseparable from Aiyana, his mommy.

Galena Horses-vacation rental

Lacy - Quarter Horse / Akal Teke mix. Very sweet mare with blue eyes. Dam (Mother): Sisi, Sire (Father): Pascha (Nez Perce Dreamer)

Galena Horses-vacation rental

Starbuck - Quarter Horse - walks with a gimp due to partial paralysis. May be a good horse for someone with disabilities. Dam (Mother): Sisi, Sire (Father): Sir Buck n Skip

Traveling With A Horse?

Call and discuss possible temporary boarding arrangments.

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