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From the desk of Wrangler Roger: I've had several people tell me that they are confused about the pricing for our horseback riding and petting zoo.
So, I wrote this page to help explain it a little better.

How does the pricing work?

We charge $25 for each 10 minutes. (Minimum 30 minutes for horseback riding.)

So, if a party of 8 visitors, two of whom will ride the horse, stay for 40 minutes we charge $100. If a party of four all ride for five minutes each and pet the zoo for 20 minutes (40 minutes total) we charge $100. If a party of 3 spends an hour riding and petting, we charge $150. If a party of 8 rides and pets for an hour, we charge $150. You just tell us how long you expect to stay and we'll wrap up at that time. If you decide to go overtime we'll continue, if our schedule allows it, at the rate of $25 for each 10 minutes.

For the small animal petting zoo, we charge $20 per 10 minutes. This would not include entry into horse enclosures, but you would be able to pet the horses over the fence.

We do not require pre-payment. When you are ready to leave just say something like "Ok kids it's time to leave." I'll stop the clock and calculate the charge @ $25 per ten minute block. We accept cash, check, Zelle, Venmo or credit cards.

What will you be paying for?

After you arrive we'll ask you to fill out and sign the liability waiver for anyone who will participate in horseback riding or petting zoo and get helmets for anyone who may be riding. Even if you don't plan to ride you still need to sign the waiver if you want to participate in the petting zoo or enter the horse enclosures. We'll talk with Sabina so she can get a feel for what type of equipment is best for the situation and she will saddle up the horse while I assist with getting riders outfitted with helmets and take the liability waivers. If a child is too afraid to ride by himself we can put Mom or Dad on the horse and then put the child in her/his lap. But if we're going to do that, we'll need to use the larger saddle. You can expect that we will begin your visit with me leading Star Skipper (Starsky). For beginner riders we normally use Starsky because he is our calmest horse. But we might use other horses too. We will swap out riders periodically. How long does each rider get? That's up to you. If the visitors ask for 40 minutes with two riders and want to do the petting zoo we'll normally give two ten minute rides and then move on to the petting zoo. If the visitors ask for an hour with two riders and don't want to do the petting zoo we can ride for half an hour each. We're pretty flexible so just tell us what you want.

While I am leading the horse with each rider the rest of the group will be watching, taking photos and petting our dogs and goats. Feel free to walk alongside the horse to encourage your child or to take pictures. Kids who are not riding are free to run around in the pasture as long as they are responsive to my safety instructions. Sabina is available to the group to answer questions. She can use your cameras to take group photos for you so you can all be in the picture with the horse. Sometimes the goats and dogs photo bomb the pictures.

How much time is a good amount of time for the experience? I've found that, for a Mom and Dad with two kids who both ride but Mom and Dad don't ride, 40 minutes is about right. Each kid rides for about 10 minutes and then we do the petting zoo. I have found that the kids are normally willing to giving up their saddle when it is time to swap off. However, often the children want to keep going longer when it comes to time to end the petting zoo. We usually don't mind people staying past their allotted time, if we don't have other committments, but we Wranglers need to be compensated for our time to make the business viable.

Groups with more than 6 people should plan longer than 40 minutes. How much longer should you plan for? Well, that's up to you. We try to have enough time between events to be able to go for up to an hour and 30 minutes, but sometimes we will have to cut it off at 1 hour. We try to allow visitors as much time as they want.

If you want to cut the time shorter than originally planned we can do that too. Just let us know when you are ready to end the experience and we'll calculate the price up to that time.

How did our pricing structure evolve?

We played around a bit with complex pricing structures that seemed to need tweaking every time we had a different set of circumstances, which was every time we had a customer. Some people have riding experience, some don't. Some people want us to lead the horse, some want to ride free rein. Some people are afraid to get on the horse, some want to go too fast. Some people want to go on a trail ride, which we don't do. Some want to ride forever and others are afraid to get on the horse. Some people want to spend more time riding and others want to spend more time petting the zoo and grooming the horses. Sometimes the weather is wonderful and sometimes we need to use the indoor riding arena to get out of the rain. It was difficult for us to nail down a pricing plan to address all the variables. I found that trying to account for all the variables in a complex pricing structure was confusing to customers and to myself. I've settled on a simple pricing structure now that seems to make sense for a variety of possible experiences. We are flexible with what we offer and a time based pricing structure seems to make the most sense. It preserves flexibility and allows each visitor to tailor their experience to their own changing interests in real time. You don't need to make up your mind what you want and we don't need to tell you exactly what you will be doing until you arrive and can see what is here. Horseback riding and petting zoo is available to you and you get to decide which you want to do, and for how long.

How long have we been in business?

We started giving horseback rides for hire in early 2020. We halted operations while COVID played out, and Started up again in spring 2021. The roof of our indoor riding arena collapsed in February, 2021 so, on the side of safety, we decided that we would not allow riders to control the horse themselves (free rein). Instead, Sabina or I would walk in front of the horse with a rope clipped to the horse's halter and lead it while riders are on the horse. This is a very safe way for a beginner to ride a horse, with a Wrangler leading the horse. A Wrangler (Sabina or me) would be in complete control of the horse at all times.

Unfortunately, Sabina's knees have become very painful when she walks, so she wants me to do the leading of the horses. For this reason we just give rides one horse at a time. After Sabina gets her new knees she will start leading the horses again. After we get our indoor riding arena fixed (probably by the end of June 2021) we may begin allowing riders to ride free-rein again.

When does the time start?

Your time starts when you hand the completed liability waiver to a Wrangler.

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