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What else is there to do around Riverview Ranch n Resort?

Here is a continued list of things to do in the area.

Nearby Parks, Nature Preserves, Hiking, bicycling, horseback riding trails, Hunting, Bird Sanctuary

1.6 miles north is the Aiken Trailhead entrance to the Galena River Trail. Turn right out of our driveway and follow River Road. Cross the railroad tracks twice and cross a bridge then look for the entrance to the trail on the left. This trail includes some prehistoric sites. There is a Thunderbird Effigy Mound that is 1,000 years old. This trail goes all the way to Galena along the Mississippi river and along the Galena river, and goes past Galena to Bueler Preserve.
Galena River Trail Map
Another Galena River Trail Map.
Galena River Trail Info

Two miles away is Casper Bluff Land and Water Reserve.

Hanover Bluff State Natural Area

Mississippi Palisades State Park 21 miles south of the ranch (31 minute drive).

Schurmeier Teaching Forest - Horses Welcome. 14 miles (23 minutes) from Ranch

Tapley Woods Hunting.

List of Public Hunting Lands

More Hunting location info

Here is a DNR map showing nature preserves, wildlife areas etc: Map of DNR sites

We are in the heart of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge.

The Raptor Resource Project has some cool webcams always live so you can see the Eagles and other birds live in their nests or landing sites in the Wildlife and Fish Refuge.

See and hear the many different species of birds. There are Deer, turkey, Bald Eagles, racoon, opossum and other critters commonly cross the roads so please slow down and watch for them. In the fall the Geese form majestic chevrons above your head on their journey south, stopping in the river for a while before continuing their journey south. In the spring you'll hear their honking again as they make their way upriver and spend more time here. There is an eagles nest that can be seen in fall and winter through the bare branches of trees. In summer you can see the nest from a kayak or by trudging through thick underbrush. It is easier to see in fall/winter when the trees are bare. Map showing approx. location of Eagle nests.

A new bird sanctuary: Valley of Eden Bird Sanctuary

Dubuque IA (across the Mississippi)

A 34 minute drive away is the The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium. This is really cool.

We recommend Hu Hot Mongolian Grill. They put on a show preparing your food. We love it. All you can eat.

28 miles from the ranch (47 min drive). The Dubuque Arboretum and Botanical Gardens is free.

Tour Lock and Dam #11 - 35 minute drive from the ranch. More info.

Dubuque Tour Boats

Dubuque also has casinos and water parks.

Bring your motor boat

There is a motor boat launch at Blanding Landing a 15 minute drive away. Bring your motor boat or jet skis.

Fly-in - I'll pick you up

Private Airport six miles away: 3IS4 - Merkle Airport 2,900 ft runway.

Couple's Massage

Healing Touch of Galena Massage
I could show your kids the petting zoo while you are getting a couple's massage. I'll try to stay where you can see us from the apartment windows so you can keep an eye on your kids. We'll pet horses over the fence, hand-feed the chickens, and meet all the other critters. We won't go into the horse enclosure or ride any horses unless a guardian is present. Or I could take your juvenile kids (12 or over) on a canoe excursion to beach island while you are getting your couple's massage. I charge $80/hr for the petting zoo or canoe trip kid sitting. For an additional $20/hr I'll video record, or facetime, the experience so you can share it. Inquire about massage cost and schedule the massage directly with the masseuse. Schedule kid sitting with Wrangler Roger.


Petting Farm
Chestnut Mountain rents bikes you can use to go down their bike trails. There are also beautiful and well maintained trails leading all the way to Galena, 7 miles away, and beyond.
Map of Aiken Trail Head Route to Galena. Off the Aiken trail you can bike in the steep terrain of the Casper Wiilderness Preserve (green squiggly lines along dark green line). Two trails come right by our ranch: the Mississippi river trail and the Galena Illinois trail so we see a lot of bikers riding by.

Watch Migrating Birds

We have a fantastic view of an estuary where migrating birds stop for a few months on their way north in the spring and south in the fall. Experience the wonder of hundreds of honking geese flying overhead and landing and taking off in the water in front of you.

Check the Weather Radar.

Check the Weather.


There is a public beach one mile north of us where you can swim. It's not the greatest beach for swimming though. There are branches in the water and a muddy bottom. - The beach is just south of the launch site (green area on the map of the local river area). I'd recommend bringing some flotation toys so you can get away from the shoreline where the water is deeper or rent the kayaks and/or canoe and go to Beach Island.


Take painting classes with a local artist, Sandra Principe. If we get 10 or more people interested in taking a class we might be able to get Sandra to come to Riverview Ranch. Let me know if you and 9 friends are interested. Otherwise classes are held at the Eagle Ridge Resort, a 21 minute drive northeast.

West Street Sculpture Park In Galena city. This is an interesting collection of metal sculptures.

Looking for an adventure in Alaska?

We've got you covered! My brother's family (he married into the Kilcher family) has the best getaway properties for rent in all of Alaska. Glacier View Getaway on Kilcher Family Homestead in Alaska the Last Frontier. My brother and his wife also have other rental properties in Alaska and some in Hawaii.