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Campfires and Bonfires

Wagon Wheel
Roger That ! - Singer/Guitarist - Repertoire

Roger's stage name is "Roger That !" He wears all sorts of hats when he is "That!" (he sings many genres)

Roger is available most nights to provide live music at campfires or in the lobby for guests. Just ask.


Sometimes we like to tell spooky stories around the fire. Feel the icy chill in your spine when the "ghost train" rumbles by on a moonless night. Only kids who can commune with the dead can see the ghost train and hear the screams of its passengers. Adults and "normal kids" can only hear the ghost train's wheels grinding on the track as it passes by;) Pray it doesn't stop here again. Can you tell the story of how the "Ghost Train" came to be?

Ask Storyteller Roger to regale the stories of "Harry the Hairy Ape," "Quasimoto's Replacement," and "Sir Thanks-a-Lot."

After hearing these stories your kids will want to make up and tell their own stories.

Dad Jokes

At Riverview Ranch Dads are expected to set the example for their kids at campfire. If everyone is shy and quiet, dad must step up. Luckily, we provide a list of well tested dad jokes for dads to deliver at campfire. (Moms and kids are also allowed to use our list of jokes.)


Stargaze around the campfire. You will probably see meteors if you come on the following nights: Jan 3-4, Apr 21-22, May 4-5, July 28-29, Aug. 11-12, Oct. 8-10, Oct 20-21, Nov 11-12, Nov 16-17, Nov 25-27, Dec 13-14, Dec 21-22. Meteor showers generally last for weeks. The dates for peak viewing are generally the same each year. Meteor Shower Calendar

If the weather is nice - ask about a campfire. We have marshmallow and hotdog roasting sticks you can use.

Sometimes we are visited by creatures from beyond! These are actual photos taken at Ranch campfires. Paranormal experts have never been able to explain these images.

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