Riverview Ranch & Resort

We all need a little RnR

Galena Horses-vacation rental


Stay with us for an extended time and find out why Galena is the best small town in Illinois.

Work at Home away from Home, surrounded by Friendly Animals and Natural Beauty.

Does your spouse love horses?
Do your kids need to roam free in a safe environment?
Want your family to be thrilled about your situation?
Have the ties that bind you been loosed?

We have two apartments inside our equestrian center for rent. We rent them on a nightly basis but would consider renting them on a longer term basis for a discounted price. Call to discuss terms for an extended stay. 815-776-9945.

All the space and furniture you'll need

Our guest apartments are spacious. You can move furniture around to meet your individual needs for your flexcation. In the three bedroom unit you could turn the small bedroom into an office by moving the beds out of the way. In the one bedroom unit you could have a desk in the kitchen/dining room dormer. We would help you get the furniture you need to work comfortably. We have plush swivel chairs on rollers, filing cabinets, couches and other furniture in storage.

Want an ergonomic desk? I'm pretty handy and I have a lot of building materials and furniture that I could easily use to build you a custom made ergonomic work station. Let me know how high you want your desktop and whether you want it inclined. I'll make it to fit you perfectly, standing or sitting. I find that I like to be able to work standing or sitting, it helps keep the blood moving. Maybe that would be good for you too? Let me know while designing your work station. I have a solid old 4' x 6' desktop that I could put on it. Otherwise, you can use the small desks we already have in the apartments or a large desk we have in storage (I think it is Ikea).

Imagine drinking coffee, working on your next online project, and, from your office window, watching your spouse and kids ride horses in our competition size outdoor arena. How many points would that earn you? Imagine if they could ride horses and pet horses, pigs, goats and chickens every day of your flexcation. Points will rack up fast.

If we don't have it we'll get it

Our current wifi delivers about 16 Mbps (enough to stream HD videos). Need faster/more secure wifi? We are not in a location where cable or fiber optic internet is available yet, but our internet is the fastest available by satellite. I have been considering getting Mifi (cellular hotspot) to supplement the satellite wifi and to provide redundancy. If you would require it for your flexcation I'll get Mifi too.

The wifi signal is plenty strong enough to reach every corner of the living spaces. If you need to use the internet while outside watching the sunset at a campfire just let me know and I'll get a wifi extender so the signal will reach farther outside. I have been considering that anyway.

What else do you need for your flexcation? We probably have it or can get it.

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