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Make a Movie with your Family

Here is a short movie I made with my family back in 2004.

Detective Smurf

Possible themes for the short movies are endless, and include:
Shootout at the OK Corral
Detective Smurf (or your kid's name)
Dad actually does know something. Who knew?
Harry the Hairy Ape
Sir Thanks-a-lot rescues the Fair Maiden
The Wild Wild West
How the shy boy became a Bold Man
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

We provide props, background, animals etc. Bring your own props if you have some. Director Roger will coordinate with Wrangler Roger, Riverboat Roger, Redneck Roger, Handyman Roger, Storyteller Roger, and your family's creativity specialist to put it together.
Tell Director Roger your budget and he'll give you your money's worth. $25 per hour for filming and editing time. Your family can contribute photos and video to be included in the project if desired. Director Roger may ask your family members to film certain scenes and will direct family actors. We expect emotion, passion, and humor from all actors. Nobody is allowed to be shy, unless that is part of the movie.

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