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We ride on our own property, in our indoor arena and in pastures.
We cater to younger or beginner riders. Kids mostly.
We try to keep things slow and controlled here. Very Slow and Safe.
Kids need to overcome their fears, we help with that. You will love our pets.

Gift Certificates

Print yourself Gift Certificates. Non-binding. No discount. Just something to give someone special to get them excited to come. Pay at time of your arrival. Call to coordinate a day/time.

Liability Release

To go into horse enclosures we require a signed liability release: Liability Release Form

Our Herd of Horses

Be sure to arrive before sunset so you can enjoy watching horses graze as the sun sets over the Mississippi river. Our Herd of Horses

Stay in our comfortable vacation units and enjoy our horses and other critters, beautiful scenery, bicycling, hiking, kayaking and more.

Horseback Riders Enjoying the Day

Stay in our Vacation Rentals to Enjoy the Area

If you are an animal lover this is a place you will feel comfortable.

We have seven beautiful horses. Two of them can become unicorns. Our herd has been together for over 10 years so they all know their place and they are all very comfortable here.

Stay in our Vacation Rentals to Enjoy the Area

Stay in our Vacation Rentals to Enjoy the Area

Beginner Horseback Riders are our specialty

We don't do trail rides. We provide a petting zoo including 7 Horses, a mini Pig, 2 Goats, 3 Dogs, 2 chickens, 5 Guinea pigs, and a turtle. Our pastures overlook the Mississippi river. We can dress up our horses as unicorns, if you ask in advance, for a magical experience for your kids. Our buckskin looks just like the animated movie star horse "Spirit."

Spectacular Sunsets are Common

If you are looking for a relaxing getaway with horses and beautiful scenery surrounded by nature you have found the right place. We have a very large indoor riding arena, an outdoor dressage area and pastures. There are wilderness areas a short distance from our facility which provide wonderful hiking trails and hunting. We do not currently provide trail rides on horseback. Please don't enter any horse enclosures unless liability release has been signed by all adults and guardians have signed for children, and you have express permission, each time you enter a horse enclosure, from one of the Wranglers (Roger and Sabina). You are welcome to enjoy the beauty of these majestic animals as you enjoy your stay in our comfortale vacation units (not yet available for overnight stays).

Our new miniature pig, Ferkelchen, which means "little piglet" in German, was born on 8/7/20 and is expected to grow to about 45 lbs. We plan to raise her like a dog. Seen here at 10 days old with our guinnea pig. Ferkelchen is growing fast and she gets cuter with each pound she puts on.

Wraingler Roger takes a selfie.

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